Cape Cod Geology

Cape Cod Nauset Beach


So much about Cape Cod is special. It is no ordinary piece of terra firma. When I first looked at a map, it appeared as if the Cape had separated from the mainland, drifted a little out to sea. It’s shaped like a swimmer’s arm in mid-stroke. Actually, the Cape came about in a different way. About 10,000 years ago, after the last ice age, superglaciers slid down from the north, bulldozing huge boulders and soil particles, known as till, before it. A few large boulders can still be found on the Cape. As temperatures warmed, the ice melted, depositing its tons of debris off the southeastern coast of what is now Massachusetts. The outwash channels carved by the melting ice became the rivers that are now part of the landscape. Over years, wind and wave action ground the debris into sand. And the peninsula was born. Come set your beach chairs on our glacial beach sand.

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  1. If I come when are the 3 days of summer? You know that would have been Dick’s first question.

    • Dick would also love the “quaintness” of the area. WHEN you come, you will fall in love, I guarantee it. Still, maybe you should count on coming in July, but bring a sweatshirt and a bathing suit!

  2. I’ve been there several times and it still calls me back, the peace and the beauty.

  3. Did you know that one of the large (taller than a human) rocks deposited in those days still graces the beach at the town landing on Tonset Rd.? It’s called Devil’s Rock.

  4. Brenda and Laurel

    There is nothing more beautiful than the sweep of a long sandy beach and the waves singing in the wind.

  5. I loved your description of the Cape, and now you have us hungry for more history, and maybe some sand, a rolling surf on a breezy sunny day and how about a dozen of those lobsters!

  6. Loved the history and setting for the initial setting of a good book to read….

  7. Okay We’re hooked now reel us in.

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