Shades of Gray

No, not what you’re thinking.
Winter on Cape Cod, especially this winter, could be described as many shades of gray. Recently, after snowstorms, rainstorms, windstorms, a nor’easter hit. Read this as Naath Eastah. The name seems to describe a storm coming out of the north east, but it originates in the west. The low pressure from the storm pulls winds into it from the north and northeast and causes havoc with the coastline. After the storm center passes over the winds turns back to a northwesterly direction, blowing hard and cold.
Storms with winds that make the trees bow and waves that batter the shoreline can be the wrath of nature causing damage to property and worse. But there is still a majestic beauty in a raging ocean.
For now:
The sky is fluffy gray.
The sand is muddy gray.
The water is murky gray.
The film on the windows is dusty gray.
The snow along the road is dirty gray.
The macadam on the road is salty gray.
The branches of the trees are deathly gray.

But there’s good news. The vernal equinox is nine days away. Spring is coming!

I was writing a nor’easter scene in my novel as the winds blew on the Cape last week.
Full disclosure: I sat in the hot sun by the pool as I wrote the scene.
It’s quite blue in Florida. So when we’re feeling down, why do we call it being blue? I’ve asked this question before. From now on, I think we should call it gray.


About Gerri

I'm in my second career. Besides raising my beautiful family, worked as RN. Now I'm a novelist. Have completed five novels and working on my sixth. Way more fun than nursing! Happy hubby and neurotic cat hang out with me.

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  1. Great description of a “Nor’easter.” The name originated during the famous blizzard of 1978. One of the local Boston meteorologist coined the description you so thoroughly described. Almost time to return to salty air and sand dunes.

  2. Very interesting and feelingly written. This morning, with no sun as yet, I’m feeling grey. What to do? I think I’ll think……BLUE. XXOO. anita

  3. Gerri, you made me laugh out loud! (esp. at the “full disclosure”!)
    Shades of gray, indeed. I keep trying to convince myself how “interesting” the winter scenery is…But oh, how much more interesting is the sight of daffodils blooming! or the bevy of red-winged blackbirds bragging their song to nearby females (“pick me, pick me!”)
    Soon the “peepers” will fill the overflowing bogs with their “song” as well. Ah, spring…

  4. You, my poet friend, were my inspiration for Shades of Gray. You just made it better!

  5. I agree, blue is too pretty a color to associate it with sad. Gray is a sad and dreary color not blue. Although some shades of Gray could be very interesting and I don’t mean the color. Fortunately, most blue days are beautiful and happy in Florida.

  6. Lucky you! We are covered head to toe and still cold. Can’t wait for the clear light blue skies with the a light touch of warm yellow. 🙂

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