Fog Shots 001

Having recently killed off a character in my novel-in-progress, and because it’s close to Halloween, I thought I’d share some gloom with you.
Did you ever notice how filmmakers often set their funeral scenes in the pouring rain? I find it distracting. Bumping umbrellas, wet feet from slogging through the cemetery grass, clods of mud tossed on the casket instead of sifting loam. And where do the mourners get those big black umbrellas? Does the funeral home supply them? No one seems to have brought their own, though a bright blue umbrella with colorful polka-dots would be disconcerting.
How much better to use nature’s quiet cloak of fog, creeping like a troop of spirits between the headstones. Where background sounds are muted, the words of prayers hushed. Where the world feels as close and silent as the departed in their casket.
In deep fog you can hear your own heart beating, contrasting life and death. You can focus undisturbed on memories and grief.
I will write the funeral scene in deep fog. Maybe I’ll add the somber notes of a fog horn on distant Cape Cod waters.


About Gerri

I'm in my second career. Besides raising my beautiful family, worked as RN. Now I'm a novelist. Have completed five novels and working on my sixth. Way more fun than nursing! Happy hubby and neurotic cat hang out with me.

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  1. What a great description! I was just trying to remember where on the Cape I’ve heard foghorns, maybe Chatham? That end of Pleasant Bay can be socked in when it’s bright here. And what power an author has, to kill off a character: yikes!

    • Luckily, the character was only in my head. She had to go. Sad. Just like the sound of the foghorn. Keep listening…Thanks for stopping by. I always enjoy your great comments!

  2. Sandy Goodwin Fontana

    This post shows off not only your imagination, but your writing talent. Love it!

  3. It is always so wonderful to be in Provincetown on a rainy/foggy weekend. One can heard the constant sound of the fog horn. What a soothing sound.

  4. p.s. LOVED the foggy photograph – one could almost hear foghorns if they were in this place…………….. – and I do enjoy your blogs.

  5. I like how you say it so casually, “Having recently killed off a character in my novel-in-progress…” It’s like you’re just saying nonchalantly, “Just skinned a 500 pound deer in my back yard that I shot at 5am this morning. Trying to decide if I want its stuffed head hung in my living room or right at my front door.” Haha!

    That’s awesome that you’re a writer! And it definitely shows! Writers seem to have the wonderful ability to say so much in so much less words! Wish I could do that! But nope, I’m just a wannabe-writer (wannabe everything, but pitifully fail at them all) and ramble on and on with nonsensical words. See, I don’t even know if nonsensical IS a word. But it’s too much trouble for me to flip on over to another tab and look for its definition right now. Ah, laziness. Maybe that’s another reason why I’m not a writer, no? Can’t write enough sensible words, such as the 1,000 words a day writers seem to be able to whip out when having a novel or memoir involved (dunno if that’s the same thing, aye…).

    Anywho, very true about them black umbrellas in films. No kidding about how they show up in funeral scenes. Whenever a whole bunch of ’em flip out of the fancy blank convertibles, I always think of the mafia, for some reason. I always wanted to be an extra cast member on a film. You know, one of those folks who walk by on the street (cuz I pathetically dunno how to hop on a bicycle) or selling hotdogs or veggies on the street. But if I were to be cast in a funeral scene, betcha you’d recognize me right away – I’d be the chick with the pink flowery umbrella amongst all of the black ones. :oD

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