Snow Memoir



I remember trailing behind my older sister as we slogged home from sledding in the park. After hours of flying down the hill and running back up to sled down again, the early dark of winter warned us to go home. It was only then I became aware that my toes were numb, my legs were too tired to carry me home, and my stomach was growling with hunger. Misery.
My mother would help us peel off our sodden leggings, snow-crusted boots and mittens, our scarves and parkas. She would bring a pan of tepid water to thaw out our frosty toes. We would groan in agony as the blood began to flow again.
The very next day, we would come home from school, do our homework, then rush to the park to sled while the snow was still on the ground.
Do you have childhood snow memories? Do tell!


About Gerri

I'm in my second career. Besides raising my beautiful family, worked as RN. Now I'm a novelist. Have completed five novels and working on my sixth. Way more fun than nursing! Happy hubby and neurotic cat hang out with me.

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  1. Sandy Goodwin Fontana

    “Snow-crusted boots”… that’s a detail no one else includes in their descriptions of winter weather conditions. I remember woolen socks crusted with snow, too.You took me back to snow country.

  2. Some memories are not as wonderfully pleasant as yours. At age ten, my initiation to “non home town hill” snow skiing involved a trip up the t-bar to the top of the practice slope in Stowe, Vermont. My proud descent was bullet straight until I realized I didn’t know how to stop. The crowd at the base of the slope parted in alarm and I watched as I fell and my skis flew in two directions and I rolled and rolled in another. It was an embarrassing, ungraceful, snow crusted (thanks Sandy) and painful stop. The concerned crowd gathered around me. It took what seemed like an eternity before I could inhale fresh air as I really got the wind knocked out of me. Pride cometh before the fall! Then I learned to snow plow!

  3. We lived on the corner of our street about halfway down a really big street which after a snowfall would be untouched by motor vehicles, so we would grab our sleds and run up to the top of the hill, get on our sleds and zoom down the hill. It was so great to go down that hill with my sister and neighbors and only the house lights and street lights glowing and directing our path to the bottom of the hill. Of course, that was when we were young and fearless and there were no cars on the roads and plows hadn’t come yet. Great memories of days when I actually liked to see the snow.

  4. Sledding down our long country driveway, over and over again! Coming in with red chapped cheeks to Mom’s delicious homemade cocoa, made by the panful with cocoa powder and canned milk–heaven!

  5. I can feel the frozen fingers and toes. What wonderful memories this article brings. It gives me such warm feeling of the good ole days! Pat

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