Orleans Waterfront (haunted) Inn

Orleans Waterfront Inn

Orleans Waterfront Inn

There is a lovely inn and restaurant standing proudly in front of the Town Cove on Old County Road in Orleans, Cape Cod. It was originally a Victorian mansion built by sea captain Aaron Snow in 1875. In the naughty 1920s, it was a place of ill repute. It is a perfect Halloween house.
There is actual evidence that The Orleans Inn is haunted. After owner, Ed Maas, researched the ghost stories and published his book, Ghost of the Orleans Inn, the Syfy channel produced an hour-long “Ghost Hunters” television special on the Inn.
Let me introduce the three ghosts. First there is (naked)Hannah. Once a lady of the night when the inn was a brothel in the 20s, it is believed she was murdered at the front entrance of the then brothel. Now,besides walking naked throughout the Inn, she likes to blow out candles in the restaurant, and has a particular fancy for haunting Room 4. One time, a passer-by saw a naked woman dancing in front of a window on the fifth floor. He called the Inn to suggest the guests close their curtains. No guests were staying in the room on the fifth floor!
The other two ghosts unfortunately met the same fate. Fred the bartender hung himself in the Inn’s cupola in the 1950s. Paul the dishwasher hung himself in the basement in the 1970s. There are reported occurrences of footsteps where no one is, doors slamming, and cold blasts of air. Though I haven’t seen the “Ghost Hunters” special, I read that Hannah had an audible conversation with the crew. Also, Fred was heard to say, “Let me down.”
The owner of the Inn has experienced the hauntings and takes the ghosts in stride. Though we never experienced anything odd the time my husband and I stayed there, we have eaten in both the upper and deck restaurants and enjoyed delicious food and a fantastic view.
If you want to experience the paranormal, you might check out the Orleans Inn. But maybe not on Halloween if your squeamish.
Before I sign off, I want to tell you that a ghost named Hannah appears in two of my novels. She is a kind and loving grandmother and has never been a lady of the night. I should know!


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I'm in my second career. Besides raising my beautiful family, worked as RN. Now I'm a novelist. Have completed five novels and working on my sixth. Way more fun than nursing! Happy hubby and neurotic cat hang out with me.

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  1. That is great and very timely. We have to go to the Inn on our next visit!

  2. I wad going to say the same thing: Your blogs are always so timely. And will add that I thought I was onto something when I saw the name “Hannah.”

  3. Geraldyne Costello

    Now everyone wants to go to the Inn !I too plan on having dinner there when we visit ! Soon ! Very well done Gerri

  4. I am a total non believer, re ghosts, but, I would not go looking for any
    of the three, by myself, in the dark. BB

  5. Diane Ashbacher

    Love the story. Sorry it took so long to respond, trying to get over a very nasty cold. I love these kinds of stories.

    • Hope you are much better. Really, that warm sun and those balmy breezes…not so great for your health! :-)) I’ll tell more ghost stories for you. xoxo

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