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My Writer's Grab Books

My Writer’s Grab Books

Many of the followers of this blog are writers like me. Some of you are beloved family or dear friends, who have shown the most generous spirit to help since the day I embarked on writing. So, I am not journaling the steps to a published book for self-promotion, but I want all of you who know me, all of you who are on your own writing journey, and any of you who love to read and might be interested in how that debut novel arrives on the shelf, to follow me on the path of publishing my first book.

I was not the child with her nose in a book, or who scribbled stories since she was six. I was at the playground, riding my bike, exploring in the woods, and climbing trees to take pictures of bird nests.

A long time ago, I took a night class at a local high school. Every week we handed in a writing sample, which the teacher edited. Every week her notes said not to use the passive voice. What? What is a passive voice? Years later, my first real writing began with an illness. A friend brought me a journal and told me to write it all down, and it was freeing. So, when another trauma came along, I wrote it all down. That time, it became a novel. Sow’s ear to a silk purse?

That’s how my writing journey started ten years ago. The learning curve has been huge for me, a nurse who never studied literature. I wouldn’t give up one day of it. After classes and conferences, teachers and mentors, support from family and friends, five novels under my belt, this Thursday, I will take the first step toward publishing my book.

If you are a writer, please tell me how your own writing journey began. As always, all comments are welcome, but make sure to use the active voice!


About Gerri

I'm in my second career. Besides raising my beautiful family, worked as RN. Now I'm a novelist. Have completed five novels and working on my sixth. Way more fun than nursing! Happy hubby and neurotic cat hang out with me.

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  1. All the best!

  2. As always…….my fingers are crossed so tight, they’ve turned white. My ♡ is with you. “Best Sellers List?”, here she comes!!

  3. You GO, girl!! So proud of you – you deserve it!!!

  4. Good for you, Gerri. Can’t wait to find out more!

    • I can’t do it without you. Your help as my critique partner has been invaluable, and must be ongong! And your friendship is my treasure! xoxo

  5. Barbara Ulbrandt

    I must be ignorant, what does “taking thr first steo mean?”

    • Did you mean “step”? The answer is, making the decision to do it! Then, study options. I have the amazing good fortune to choose to self-publish with the oversight of a dear friend, well-published. More about her as the journey moves on. My first step was to say yes to her! xoxo

  6. Bon chance, dear Gerri!
    My experience as a writer has been very sporadic, except in encouraging my sixth-graders in their writing. “Teachers as writers” is the class I loved taking. Hardest step: seeing oneself as a writer, and for that you don’t have to be creating the next “great American novel,” either!
    Have been enjoying sharing a little piece of your ten-year journey, and (literally) can’t wait for “the next chapter!”

    • I have had the pleasure of reading a bit of your poetry. I have the pleasure of your friendship, so I know how loving and generous of spirit you are. I an so grateful to have you on my team!

  7. What an exciting journey….i have another dear friend who has made the decision to self publish, with the hope that with sufficient readership Random ahouse will pick up the book to send it on its final jouney to real success. I have admired your focus and dedication and look forward to seeing the fulfillment of your dream.

    I will share a funny story…..after accumulating thousands of pages bound and placed into dozens of binders, I decided many years ago to take a class at University of Miami, actually something called Professional Writers workshop. I thought it was for those who wished to become a prifessional writer. Surprise! There I sat among ACTUAL professional writers.
    Not too long ago, you challenged us to the 6 word novel. Here’s mine. “What is this person doing here?”

    Best of luck to you, Geri. I have great faith in your future success. However, in my view you are already a huge success…the other millions of people just haven’t had the privilege of enjoying your writing……yet.

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