Next Steps to Publish

Scared! Photo courtesy of Lynn Kelley Author, Wanna Commons

Scared! Photo courtesy of Lynn Kelley Author, Wanna Commons

I sent off the digital file of my novel. Here’s how that feels:
Imagine a small child, raised in a loving and supportive family, where everything she does is brilliant. One morning, the child is awakened, dressed, rushed through breakfast, taken to school, and left there by her parent. She stands in the classroom. A teacher is explaining the rules, and twenty-odd little faces are staring at her, sizing her up, judging her, deciding whether they will like her. Or not!
I am the parent, anxious, fearful, handing over my perfect baby to strangers. The baby I named, Missing Emily. I am also the wide-eyed child in the classroom of publishing, learning the next steps.
They come quickly: Have an author photo taken; write a great bio for the jacket cover; choose eBook, paperback, hardcover; work with an artist on cover design. All the while, wondering, worrying: Will readers like Missing Emily?
Today I will work on my acknowledgements page. So many wonderful people have helped me on this journey, it will take hours!
And I am so lucky to have a new angel guiding me, as I stumble down the path to Publish.


About Gerri

I'm in my second career. Besides raising my beautiful family, worked as RN. Now I'm a novelist. Have completed five novels and working on my sixth. Way more fun than nursing! Happy hubby and neurotic cat hang out with me.

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  1. I’m so excited! When people read “Emily” they’ll want to read the other ones. Best of luck, you deserve it!

  2. Good luck, Gerri!

    • Barbara, I hope I do better than the Phillies and the Red Sox!! But as a Red Sox fan, in spite of their terrible year(s), I stick with them. I know you do the same for the losers–I mean the Phillies. 🙂 Hope I develop the same kinds of devoted fans with my books–which of course, are NOT losers! Thanks for writing!

  3. Barbara Ulbrandt

    How exciting! Can’t wait to read it! I belonged to a book club in Phoenix for awhile. A self publishing author spoke at one meeting about her books and the process of self publishing. She appeared very successful and had published about six or eight of her books, one of which was being made into a tv movie. At the time the movie was still in post filming status.

    • Barbara, I know you regularly do reviews on Amazon books. So when you do mine, remember all the great times we had together (not) working! Remember we are still good friends even though we are far apart. Just kidding–remember it all but have at the review! I am hoping to walk in the footsteps of your self-published speaker. Thanks for being a great friend and following my journey!

  4. Can”t wait for “Missing Emily”. I want to order the first book ! G

  5. Should I begin my review now? Missing Emily is Gerri at her best! It’s emotional from start to finish, with plot twists, domestic discourse, excellently-drawn characters, a Cape Cod setting and international intrigue.

    All the success in the world to you, Gerri!

    • You might wait until it’s on Amazon. But your copy will be special delivery! I wouldn’t be at this point without your brilliant critiquing. I think I may save your comment and use it as a blurb on the cover! Thank you for saying all those wonderful things about the book! BTW, I sent you work to do today! 🙂

  6. This is exciting, Gerri. I am sure it is wonderful!

    • It is exciting, but also scary to share it with others. BTW, I love your Facebook posts and they keep us in touch. Thanks for the encouragement and thanks for commenting!

  7. Pat (neighbor)

    Good luck Gerri!! My friend has self-published. Let me know when your book is in print. Gotta buy this one!!

    • Don’t worry! You’ll know! I’m working on revising book one–that one I couldn’t have written without your help and encouragement. At some point, you will see it in print. Hope your friend’s book is doing well. Feel free to announce the title. I’m sure it’s a good read knowing the work you two did. Thanks so much for commenting and following my blog, Pat.

  8. Exciting…and scary…like life when we step outside our comfort zone…..all the best.

  9. My heart already knows ur success! ‘Don’t be scared little girl……ur never alone.’

    Best of luck! Loads of love!

  10. Like any artist, you have put your heart into your creation, and that’s enough already. But sharing your work with others, that’s stepping out on faith! Art is meant to be seen, music is meant to be heard, books are meant to be read…
    Think of how many new fans you’ll soon have!

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