A Writer’s Ode to the Bathrobe

Chilly Cape Cod morning

Chilly Cape Cod morning

Disclaimer: I love my “dorm” pants!
If you watch the old TV series and black and white movies, you will see people in bathrobes. Ozzie and Harriet had twin beds, as did Desi and Lucy. They all came to bed and took off their robes, laying them in a place where they could quickly be re-donned. If someone pounded on the door in the middle of the night, any character from those days would first slip into that bathrobe, add slippers, then go answer the door. Now, we would probably call 9-1-1 or check our security cameras.
Nick and Nora. Love those detective stories still. You know them, rich couple with a dog named Asta? They serve manhattans in tiny little glasses, even though they drink a ton of them. But you would never catch Nick or Nora without a bathrobe if they were wearing sleepwear.
Did Jane Erye rush out of bed and down the hall to find the screaming lady? Not before she put on her dressing gown.
Try to find a bathrobe in the price range for ordinary people now. Oh, you might see a “duster” like my grandmother used to wear. Of course the whole idea of a woman’s robe being called a duster is no longer politically correct. You’ll probably see some winter robes made of pounds of fleece, or some cute little wraps matching cute little nightgowns. But it’s hard to find a bathrobe which covers your pjs with pretty propriety anymore. I did find one this year, though I would only use it for special occasions. What if I never find another?
I admitted that I love dorm pants. Sometimes I use them over my pjs on a chilly morning, other times I wear them when I’m hunched over my keyboard. Nice and soft, not too tight, warm and cozy, and best of all, elastic waist.
This blog is not all about the rare bathrobe, it’s about change. We have correctly corrected some of our hurtful words and statements. Maybe we’ve gone overboard, but the pendulum always swings too far in the beginning of change. That will work itself out. This is about the more genteel times when people wore bathrobes. Some days, I miss them.


About Gerri

I'm in my second career. Besides raising my beautiful family, worked as RN. Now I'm a novelist. Have completed five novels and working on my sixth. Way more fun than nursing! Happy hubby and neurotic cat hang out with me.

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  1. Gerri, I absolutely love this post! You legitimize the periodic angst I have felt over the years regarding this topic. For example, is it normal to wear gym clothes to bed and then get half the morning errands done in them? That’s me. And our children for that matter, the boys and girl; skivvies and sweatshirt as night wear. They say, “We are fine Mom!” My hubby, in the evening lounges around in the same ole tan fleece and then complains as to how cold he is in the morning until he returns to it’s wearing warmth. I say bring back the robe and the flannels! This family needs a lounge wear upgrade and if there is a knock on the door in the evening all will be respectably, stylably decent.

    • Great comment, Heather! Thanks. I could just picture your troop in their homey uniforms. My son used to wear gym shorts and t-shirts in the house and then complain he was cold. In January! I guess we all have our comfort clothes. Alas, those “Proper” days are over.

  2. I also love my “dorm pants”. They are warm and cozy, but my favorite is my old sweatshirt that I have had for at least 10 years (I do wash it). It is two sizes too big and ugly, but I cozy up in it on cool mornings or evenings. Every time I put it on, it’s like wrapping myself up in a warm cozy “blankey”. Love it

    • I know that sweatshirt! I have one, too. And it’s pretty crisp on the Cape right now, so it’s getting use. Can’t give up my flipflops yet, though. Just can’t! xoxo

  3. What a charming piece Gerri. With my ‘core temperature’ being SO high, I don’t get to enjoy “cozy”, or bathrobes for that matter. I do have one that’s VERY light weight that was daddy’s, and if it’s freezing inside, I’ll wear that. But it always comes off…….it’s just too hot for me. I have ‘dorm pants’ too and generally wear them with just a tee, but I always end up pulling them up to my knees…………again………the warmth. Ugh…. I have so many memories as you explained of the TV characters, and the first things they’d grab. So funny! Even Scarlett grabbed her ‘bathrobe’ before leaving her bedroom. GREAT memories! LOVE it!!


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