How It Came About that We Serve Cranberries with our Turkey

Turkeys in the Bog

Turkeys in the Bog

Local Produce - Organic!

Local Produce – Organic!

I live on the spit of land where the first Pilgrims set foot in America. Not on the rock in Plymouth, but on the sand of Cape Cod. Provincetown honors them with the Pilgrim Monument. A lot has changed since those brave souls landed on the shores of Cape Cod. But some things haven’t.
Cranberry bogs are indigenous to the Cape. This fall, the second in our new house, hubby discovered we have our very own cranberry bog. He immediately became a cranberry farmer. I think he scooped over thirty pounds of those tart little berries. He made cranberry sauce, cranberry catsup, and cran-raspberry pie filling. He named our new start up, R & G Organic Cranberries. Seeing as we couldn’t treat pests on plants we didn’t know we had.
As we all learned in school, the Pilgrims enjoyed the first Thanksgiving celebration with the Native Americans. They ate turkey. Turkeys are also indigenous to the Cape. But where did the idea come to serve cranberries with the turkey?
One day, the Native Americans were enjoying nature in the fall on Cape Cod. They noticed turkeys in the bogs eating the cranberries. They thought: turkeys…cranberries…turkeys…cranberries. And that’s why we serve cranberry sauce with our Thanksgiving turkey dinners.
Disclaimer: I’m not a real historian and I write fiction!
Happy Thanksgiving!


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  1. Sounds likely enough! Here in Short Hills NJ with family to enjoy the holidays…turkey and cranberries on the menu.

    Happy Holidays….Cathy

  2. I adore this post! It’s so “Gerri.

  3. I’m just getting 2 this writing. How funny is it that I just emailed u this morning about makin’ homemade cranberry sauce 4 ‘our brother’. And Ron’s a cranberry farmer’?? Ok, I really HAVE heard it all. LOL

    Sending MORE HUGS 2 u than u can imagine!!


  4. I saw those turkeys, but I missed the cranberries….BB

  5. Gerri you are amazing. You can write the most interesting read on any topic! No wonder people will be captivated by your books!

  6. I love it! Have a great day.
    Love, Julie and Don

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