Writing Romance and Valentine’s Day

When Twolips Meet

When Twolips Meet

I don’t write romance novels, but my women’s fiction books usually have a romance in them. Pure romance novels have, as their main element, an emerging love within a setting of real life situations. Since I’ve been writing, I have heard demeaning comments about romantic novels, but they are by far the most popular and lucrative genre in American Publishing.
Why? If you haven’t experienced romance, you’ve missed something wonderful. But who hasn’t been struck by Cupid’s arrow? It can happen at any age, and it can happen more than once. One definition of romance is an intense and short-lived emotion, idealized love. I agree. It is that first bloom of emotion that fills your heart with joy, hope, excitement. It’s a precious commodity that only lasts for a while, and though it may grow to a deeper selfless love, the emotion of that first kiss, embrace, disappears shortly thereafter.
Some say that initial spurt is helped along by pheromones that lead to procreation, but that’s not romance, that’s evolution of the species.
In my opinion, the popularity of romance novels is due to the fact that the first inkling of love is one of the absolutely best feelings a human can experience. So we love to experience it, even vicariously, over and over.
It is unclear which of three martyrs named Valentine is the man of the holiday. But a Christian priest in Rome defied the Emperor, Claudius the Cruel. The Emperor did not want his young soldiers to marry, causing them to worry about their loved ones when they should be focused on the battles. St. Valentine secretly married young couples. When he was caught, he was sentenced to beating, stoning, and decapitation. Maybe that’s why the color of Valentine’s Day is red?
In spite of the pressures of marketing to say it with flowers, or cards, or gifts, the true essence of Valentine’s Day lives on. I hope you had a great holiday!


About Gerri

I'm in my second career. Besides raising my beautiful family, worked as RN. Now I'm a novelist. Have completed five novels and working on my sixth. Way more fun than nursing! Happy hubby and neurotic cat hang out with me.

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  1. Fabulous! I consider this blog my Valentine’s gift. Thank u!! 💖💖

  2. A book for a Valentine!!
    The awesome power of the written word. This is what takes us away from the worry and cares of the real world. It may come in the form of romance, adventure, mystery, history, comedy, tragedy or in Gerri’s wonderful womans fiction, that reaffirms a women’s role in modern society. It is the reason we buy the books and email the author. It is a love affair of the mind and heart, where we can temporarily dwell in a safe place, in comfort and total joyful abandon.!
    I can’t wait to get lost in your new book!

  3. You are a walking breathing, full of knowledge dictionary! I learn something new every time I read your Cape Cod Magic. I like mystery stories but only if they have a love story included in the story line. Can’t wait for your books to come out!

    • My big sister, who is really little, you and our little sister are my greatest fans! I know I couldn’t have gotten to this point without your love and support!

  4. Ah, romance…It’s that glow you feel when you see your beloved across a room, or meeting you somewhere,, no matter how many times you’ve looked at him…I used to marvel at old people still holding hands; somehow, we’ve now become them! I remember a story a mutual friend told about an old couple, still “acting like teenagers.” As that friend would say, “how sweet is that?”

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