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Lilacs painted by Donna Green for Missing Emily

Lilacs painted by Donna Green for Missing Emily

Writers of fiction, I believe, write mainly to entertain others with their stories. In my own experience, my novels also reflect my nursing background. Some things I’ve seen will always be pictures in my mind. The most heartbreaking are sick children.
In Missing Emily, I write about a child whose mother is so devastated by her daughter’s illness, that she takes a path she would never think possible to save her child’s life. Her actions cause another mother to suffer. I write about the heartache, pain, devastation, but others actively do amazing things to help these children and their families. Charities like the Jimmy Fund and Make a Wish.
I blogged a long time back about Magical Moon Farm, my dear friend’s foundation for children with cancer. Her name is Donna Green, she is a well-loved, well-collected artist who has also published many illustrated books. She was my guide to self-publish my own book. In her spare time (she has none!), she painted the beautiful lilacs on the cover of my book.
I recently was on a forum where the discussion was whether or not a reader would buy a book that states: a portion of the proceeds will be donated to a certain charity. As my book does. I was surprised how many said they would not buy a book with that stipulation. They see it as a scam to sell books. I have only seen this statement here and there, and I always think it’s great. It gives me the feeling that my book purchase will not only entertain, but will also help someone in need. For me, seeing Donna’s wonderful kids at the farm, all of whom are knighted and have a project, all of whom are learning skills to help them stay healthy during treatments and after, to find peace through meditation, and to support each other, make me want to support them. Marvelous things are done at this sacred place. When I decided to donate funds from my own book sales, it gave me a stronger purpose to write a good book and to market the heck out of it.
I’d love to know how you feel about this. Would you put a book back down if that little phrase is on it? A portion of the proceeds . . .


About Gerri

I'm in my second career. Besides raising my beautiful family, worked as RN. Now I'm a novelist. Have completed five novels and working on my sixth. Way more fun than nursing! Happy hubby and neurotic cat hang out with me.

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  1. Barbara Ulbrandt

    Wouldn’t deter me. Book was wonderful. I will be adding my review on Amazon soon.

    • Thanks for your vote on this, Barbara. And big hugs for reviewing Missing Emily! I am so happy you liked the book. Were your worried? :-))

  2. Not only would I still buy it, I already donated to Magical Moom!

    • I’m going to take you there this summer. You will never be the same. When your feet step onto the farm, you will feel the magic there. And you’ll meet Donna! Thank you for commenting, little big sister!

  3. Loved, loved the book. I think this is a great cause. Very generous of you.

    • GerrY, thank you so much for commenting! I guess you hear me talk about this wonderful charity all the time. And thanks so much for loving Missing Emily!!

  4. Absolutely!! And it would be easier for me to intice others to buy it. It should make people feel that they’ve put a part of their soul into the purchase of the book. Perhaps those who turn away from “the phrase” are souless?

    A special thank you to Donna from me, your little sister, for all the help she gave you……and of course, her stunning artwork! Many kudos Donna! 💖

    Great work my sister!! Another fabulous read!!


    • Thank you, honey! I will see that Donna gets your message. She is so dear and so giving and the most wonderful artist. We were neighbors in Scituate. Thanks for liking my blog! xoxo

  5. I’ve never thought of this before, I don’t think it would affect my decision at all!

  6. The idea that a portion of the sales goes to support a charity to be seen as a scam is a huge surprise to me, but it definitely shows how disillusioned people are right now over something that should be good. Interestingly, I donated my first book’s sales to the Ovarian Cancer Research fund and now I wonder if that deterred some people from buying the book. Last week, I removed the notice about the donation and figure I’ll do it on my own – it’s not something the world needs to know about where the money goes, and now that I’ve just learned this sad fact that people think it’s a scam to sell more books, I will definitely just keep it quiet. It’s sad, but such is life.

    • I was shocked, too, Liz. I already had the words on my novel so I couldn’t remove them. I am not sure what I’ll do next time. I gave the URL for the foundation I’m supporting in the book. I think if just a few people go on the site, they may help one child. Thanks for commenting and following my blog!

      • I would t worry about it too much. Some people will think whatever they think anyway and your intention is to help a cause and that is good enough. The story should stand on its own apart from the cause you’re supporting 🙂

  7. I think you are in very good company: Lisa Genova (Still Alice) asked her audience at a library booktalk to contribute to a cause (Alzheimer’s Assn.) When a good story like yours moves the reader to “do something” about a situation, it’s helpful if the author has offered a legitimate chairty. After all, you did the research on the issue already!

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