A writer’s Dilemma

Is Anyone Paying Attention?

I’m about to publish my third book. Writer’s work hard to convey a story, using words like an artist uses a brush. As an author, I sometimes deal with hard situations: addiction, illness, crime, but I strive to keep my fiction honest. I strive not to be offensive. Though there is often a villain in my stories, I personally add the sweet with the sour, with a touch of romance, or maybe a good ghost.

Indie writers have a problem getting their books out there. The top necessary on everyone’s list is social media. I am on Twitter and Facebook. Or I shouldn’t say “on” since I rarely have time to chat online. I am writing a new novel; working on front matter, interior pages, and cover design for another book I hope to publish before Thanksgiving.

This morning, I read an article that exposed the rapier sharp edge of, in this case, Twitter. Tweets were published about a man who recently fell from a high pedestal of success and lost his job because of a lewd photo he allegedly sent to female colleagues several years ago. Shortly after the story broke, his son died of a drug overdose. Twitter fiends expressed their vile satisfaction that this man’s son’s death was fair payback for his infraction.

Is sexual harassment equal to the loss of a child? Don’t get me wrong, sexual harassment is bad. Period. But are we going overboard with political correctness when it’s okay to hit grieving parents over the head with “justice” and “fair karma” tweets about their son’s death?

I have read many mean and nasty tweets or posts that travel through my social media screens. I’ve also belly-laughed at great posts, shed a tear at tender videos, heard from a friend I haven’t seen in years. Right now, I am weighing the benefit of social media for me.

On this sacred day, 9-11, when we remember and grieve for the loss of so many lives, the way we all joined together in our heartbreak, I have to ask: Is anyone else hearing the toilet flush on civility?


About Gerri

I'm in my second career. Besides raising my beautiful family, worked as RN. Now I'm a novelist. Have completed five novels and working on my sixth. Way more fun than nursing! Happy hubby and neurotic cat hang out with me.

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  1. can’t wait for the 3rd book, you are famous in our neighborhood. I agree with your feelings on social media, I have de-friended a number of people who just could not be civil. Best to you and Ron Chuck

    • I just couldn’t believe those evil texts. Glad you agree, but a hard choice to give it all up. A neighborhood celebrity, huh? 🙂 Thanks for commenting. Best back to you and Judy.

  2. barbara ulbrandt

    Gerri, you are absolutely correct! I keep waiting for the pendulum to swing the other way but other than a couple of instances it isn’t happening. I fear for our country and our culture. But you are a positive! And you just keep creating those great books. You are amazing!

    • Barbara, I miss you! Drove by my old route to work and thought of you and the fun we had. Yes, it’s depressing how things are going in the world. But you and Bill bring beauty with your art and his furniture. You are amazing, too!! xoxoxo

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