About Gerri


I took my first writing class in 2002, the year I moved to Cape Cod. The Cape is an inspiration to creativity in so many forms: from sand castles on the beach, to art on canvas, to words on the page. Why? The first reason is its natural beauty. Besides the beaches with their famous dunes, there is magic in the soil that makes the flora bloom bigger with deeper color, there are seven hundred species of birds that sing a continuous chorus, and there is the salt-tangy air that creeps on fog to blanket the peninsula in silence. And there is so much more here that inspires me.

Writing became my passion with that first class. Since then I’ve taken more classes, attended writer’s conferences, joined writer’s groups. Along my writing journey, I’ve met wonderful people who generously shared their knowledge and time to help me hone my craft. My genre is women’s fiction, and my novels—no surprise— are based on Cape Cod.

Missing Emily is my first published novel! It is part of the three-book Knoll Cottage series. The second novel in the series, Silent Grace will be out in December 2016. Check out my website: https://www.gerrileclerc.com, and sign up for my newsletter which will announce the release of Silent Grace!

  1. I’m on my way, shortly, to revisit this magical place and sit on Livia’s porch and count the hummingbirds that drink the nectar from the Rose of Sharon bush outside her porch.

  2. Hi, sis, can’t wait until you arrive!!

  3. What a great picture of you!

  4. The Cape is a wonderful place for inspiration!

  5. Hi Gerri! This is Joan Dianna. We met in line at George W’s book signing. Mike and I really enjoyed meeting you and your husband. Ordered your 2 books. Just had the chance to read Missing Emily in the past few days. Loved it. You should be so proud! I can’t wait to share it with my friends.

    • Joan, how very nice to hear from you. We had such a great time talking to you and Mike! And thanks for the compliment on Missing Emily. I am so grateful that you bought my books! When we get back to paradise, let’s plan a remeet!

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