Writers Contest – Update

Photo courtesy of Kristan Nador - Flikr/wana commons

Photo courtesy of Kristan Nador – Flikr/wana commons

Fresca the kitty says it all. How could I not get one, not one agent request? Because Lori is sitting on the edge of her seat, I will tell you I did not get one agent request.
Now my excuses: My entry was number 16 of 16. It’s because it was the first one posted and the luck of the draw. I think that busy agents may have stopped before they got to my fab entry. The other excuse is that the contest was almost all YA, MG, fantasy, etc., what the tweens and teens love, and the agents are therefore looking to fill their lists. I was aware of that ahead of time.
This is no reflection on the contest itself. Authors Amy Trueblood and Michelle Hauck gave so much of their own time to help other writers advance. And after the Sun versus Snow contest, they are right into something else, blog hopping.
What did I win? First of all, a huge outpouring of support from the wonderful followers on my blog!! Heartfelt thanks! Secondly, working with Amy as my mentor, I now have a killer query and received much praise for my premise. And I received my first author referral from another writer. At the risk of using a taboo cliché, there is always a silver lining!
Happy Valentine’s Day!


About Gerri

I'm in my second career. Besides raising my beautiful family, worked as RN. Now I'm a novelist. Have completed five novels and working on my sixth. Way more fun than nursing! Happy hubby and neurotic cat hang out with me.

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  1. I’m SO PROUD of you! Don’t you dare lose your grip on positivity. I promised you a Best Seller! And I still believe in that! You just haven’t written it yet. Take your time……it’s comin’!


  2. We were rooting for you. See you soon

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  3. You have the talent-they didn’t have the foresight. Keep writing. And HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!

  4. Not a happy tale, but great cat picture.

  5. You are the best! You work so hard at your craft and iit shows clearly in your books. Nothing keeps you from your passion. That is more than I can say for most people. Keep at it for me and all the people that look forward to your next book!

  6. Every step you take leads you onward and upward, Gerri! Keep going, girl!

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